Definition of floor plan: How to use


Definition of floor plan: How to use

Any architectural and design project cannot go without a floor plan. In general, it is a drawing with scale sizes that feature the placing of rooms, fittings, and furniture observed from above. Architects and designers usually use floor plans to turn ideas into visuals and get a clear understanding of what will come out in the end. Also, it serves as a roadmap when checking if a particular space fits ideally for the initial purpose prior to moving forward. However, a floor plan definition is way more than that. So are the ways where it can be used. So, let’s dive in deep to find out what is a floor plan drafting and how to use it accordingly. 

#1. A Floor Plan Helps Gain Reputation From Real Estate Buyers

Meaning of floor plan: visual concept

As it was briefly mentioned, the floor plan definition primarily means the key correspondence between spaces and rooms. This way, architects and designers easily convey how a resident can walk through the property. It is particularly essential in home and office projects, interior design, etc. 

Moreover, it’s irreplaceable when it’s about showing projects with complicated infrastructure. Or, so is it when they suggest tricky tasks like dividing open space to create privacy at the office. To illustrate, a Dutch studio from Utrecht, Germany tackled this by topping low walls with tropical plants. The idea was clearly conveyed in a floor plan thanks to planters that separated working areas keeping the concept of openness and meantime improving the workers’ well-being. 

#2. It Showcases The Scope And Scale Of The Project

Definition of floor plan: Measurements

Why is it so important to demonstrate this information? Because the constructors can quickly verify these data, which streamlines the whole building process. What’s more, having a precise floor plan with measurements, potential real estate investors, buyers, etc. can decide what furniture to use, and how exactly each one will be placed. Accurate metrics are always an integral part of the definition of a floor plan.

For example, taking cues from the floor plan of micro-homes, the Particular Architects studio from Melbourne, Australia, integrated moveable furniture into its own office so that it can be easily configured. Thus, fold-down desks can be utilized to partition the space or stored to turn the room into a meeting place. 

#3. Floor Plans Are Totally Customizable

Floor plan explanation: Personalization

Some housing developments provide only a specific set of plans that feature interior and exterior elevation upgrades. However, clients want customizable floor plans, and some constructors address this boldly, whatever the idea is. Compromising on features or space’s size is not an option for many new homeowners. 

The drafters usually start real estate floor plans with templates and standard elevation in-build symbols. But further, they offer multiple customization alternatives to adjust, for example, line width, line style, line color, etc. Besides, automatic formatting aids a lot. They can quickly arrange, group, align. rotate the items. The fact of customization is an integral part of the floor plan definition

#4. Floor Plan Software Works Wonders

Floor plan meaning: programs

The floor plan definition is better understood with the opportunities the relevant software provides. So, it does offer a lot of benefits as to the specialists to handle the project’s concepts, as to clients. The latter can expect from it time-efficiency, in the first place. And here’s why. 

The most advanced programs feature floor plans symbols and templates to speed up the designing process. Herewith, they allow different modifications and enable annotations to make floor plans nicer quickly on-the-go. Thousands of pre-drawn and customizable shapes, symbols from built-in libraries are available. Finally, such software suggests exporting to different file formats, which makes any project presentation absolutely possible. 

#5. Floor Plans Allow Saving Big Bucks On Building

Explanation of floor plan: Budget-friendly

Here’s another point that makes up a floor plan definition – possible cost-efficiency. If a client is on a strict budget, it’s always possible to make the floor plan fit within the building envelope. Drafters just add common foundation shapes, simple rooflines and avoid covering a lot of outdoor areas. 

Also, space optimization is another way to reduce building costs. For example, ‘circulation spaces’ are usually the most “wasted’ ones in a plan and can be minimized by decreasing the entire square footage. Open layouts that allow using floor plans in multiple ways also help save significantly. Thus, floor plans by definition suggest flexibility and practicability, which prevents the cost skyrocketing. 

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As it became clear, the floor plan definition goes beyond a visual part. It offers multiple opportunities, such as potential furniture placement planning, customization, time and cost-efficiency. All of that is promised before the project’s carrying out, which is ideal for everyone involved.

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