Interior Drawings for a Residential Design Project

Residential drafting services provide all necessary interior drawings a Designer needs for his projects. These drafts are not only the basis for any redevelopment and renovation of a dwelling but also extremely helpful guides for contactors who implement design solutions.

A Designer got an order to redevelop a huge old mansion in a short time. The masters of the house have only low-quality residential construction and interior drawings from the time when the mansion was built. It’s very hard to understand them and there is a high chance to make some technical mistakes. On top of that, the Designer needs to figure out what renovation work he has to organize and how to explain to contractors what they have to do. He also knows that builders, electricians, plumbers etc. all require accurate engineering drafting data.

High-quality CAD residential drafting services can help to solve the Designer’s problems. Professional 3D draftsmen are able to create any plans from scratch or update old schemes to new clear digital versions of them. Learn what types of interior drawing services exist and how they can help with design projects.    

#1. Floor Plans

This type of interior drawings is a foundation for residential drafting services as it shows the general plan of a property without unnecessary information – just a draft of the inner construction. Floor plans are divided into two subtypes: partitioning disassembly scheme and partition mounting scheme. With the help of this kind of CAD drafting, Designers and Contractors are able to make redevelopment inside a dwelling. For example, partitioning disassembly schemes show what walls can be safely dismounted and partition mounting schemes are perfect for adding new walls and changing their layout.

#2. Furniture Layout

Floor Plans for a Residential Design Projec

Furniture layout drafts are the most accurate way to display the spaciousness of each room, the placement of doors and windows, and so on. They are the basic type of interior drawings which is required for construction and designing work, renovation and even minor repairs. Moreover, Designers can use floor plans for marketing as they are extremely valuable for project presentations and demonstrating interior ideas to clients in a clearer way.  

#3. Lighting Plans

Lighting blueprints provide a full account of the capabilities of the real estate light sources. This type of residential drafting services help to understand where lighting products are located, where to add, replace or remove some of them. This drafting also allows to define primary and secondary lighting sources. In addition, a lighting plan is often complemented by an electric switches layout and an electric switches schedule which indicate what kinds of lighting are used and where they are located.

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#4. Electricity Schedules

Electrical Plans for a Residential Interior Design Project

Residential drafting services provide electricity schemes that display all electrical wiring, placement of sockets, cables, shields and power supplies. On the basis of these interior drawings, it is easy to understand how many household appliances residential real estate can support and whether the power is enough for all the necessary devices. Electrical outlet layout is the main subtype of electricity plans which designates all main electrical sources of a dwelling and their location.

#5. Plumbing Schemes

Plumbing Plans for a Residential Interior Design Project

Plumbing schemes demonstrate the entire pipeline system of residential real estate, on the basis of which a Designer can decide how many bathrooms to make in a dwelling or is it possible to build a pool in the courtyard. The main subtype of such drafting services is a plumbing layout. This interior drawing not only shows the location of the pipes but also all fixtures in a house or apartment including including sinks, taps, baths, showers, toilets, bidets etc.

#6. Reflected Ceiling Plans

This type of residential drafting services provide full measurements of the height of ceilings and the materials they are made of e.g. drywall, plastic, stone, wood, fabric. Thanks to reflected ceiling drafting, it’s possible to understand how to raise the level of ceiling and how to make it lower. By doing it, a Designer can define what type of ceiling he is able to choose: conventional, suspended, tray, coffered, shed, beam etc. This drafting also includes ceiling sections that are focused on structure and crown molding plans which are detailed drawings of eaves and ceiling baseboards.

#7. Floor Covering Drafts

Flooring Layout for a Residential Interior Design Project

Floor covering plans indicate the parameters of the flooring, the materials they are made of, plinths details etc. They are also necessary for redevelopment and changing levels of the flooring, for instance, incorporating steps, elevations and thresholds in a residential design. In addition, such drafting service as floor heating layout helps to construct heated floors as quickly and effectively as possible and is vital for contractors.

Residential drafting services include all the necessary interior drawings for any design project. They are essential not only for development of design or renovation, but also for its flawless implementation. Interior drafting services help Designers to decide on the renovation solutions and understand what construction or repair works have to be organized. On top of that, contractors also need all these engineering data to execute design projects at the highest quality level.

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Want to complete your design projects with the most satisfying results? Use residential drafting services of our company and get top-notch CAD interior drawings for developing a design of any dwelling.

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  1. Jocelyn McDonald
    Jocelyn McDonald says:

    My brother wants to build his own house from the ground up, and your article had great information about different types of drawings that are involved in this process. I liked how you said a reflected ceiling plan makes it possible to understand how to raise the level of a ceiling and how to lower it. Thanks; I’ll share this with my brother to help him with the building drawings for his future home.

  2. John Willson
    John Willson says:

    WOW! Everything that is required to know about planning of an house before construction is mentioned so accurately over here! Good Going!

  3. Shaylee Packer
    Shaylee Packer says:

    As you mentioned, drafting is importing when having a home renovated, or a new home built. My sister is really into old colonial homes, and recently purchased one. She would like to add on to it, but doesn’t have any of the original plans. I wonder if she has considered speaking with a drafting company.


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