CAD Floor Plan for a Design Project

Real estate floor plans are reliable assets when it comes to conveying the technical information about a property as well as presenting its design benefits. Different types of floor plans can help realtors to both sell dwellings more effectively and enhance real estate objects in order to create the best propositions in the market.

Realtors want to make an impressive presentation of their new offers at a big real estate event and get new clients from around the world. Last year the real estate agency showed only pictures of their dwellings at the exhibition and got too many questions from prospects after the presentation about dimensions and space. It turned out that photos don’t give the full technical data about the property and blueprints don’t look good enough for such an important event. So what can real estate agents use to present the property with style and precision?

CAD floor plans can solve all these problems as they unite the technical accuracy of common blueprints and visual appeal of realistic images. Moreover, the variety of floor plans a CAD company provides will serve for many marketing purposes. Learn the main types of real estate floor plans and how realtors can use them.    

#1. Orthographic 2D Floor Plans

2D Floor Plan for an Apartment

CAD floor plans display real estate schemes in 2D and include interior or exterior layout of different elements – walls, windows, doors, the landscape around a dwelling, etc. Real estate agents can use standard, custom or renovation floor plans that all have different features and accents. Some of them demonstrate only dimensions and the others are focused on furniture layout.


The orthographic real estate floor plans can be created in a few views but the most used one is a top view. It allows to clearly see the internal arrangement of objects and elements in the house, as well as to determine the load-bearing walls, the mounted parts of the rooms and so on. The other widespread view type of a real estate drawing is isometric which clearly shows wall and floor thickness as well as a more dynamic angle of furniture layout.


CAD real estate floor plans are of two visual types – black & white and colored. The first one is the most basic 2D drawing in black and white color with possible gray zones. It usually shows only the basic information such as dimensions, furniture layout, and schemes of real estate systems – sanitary engineering, pipelines, etc. They are usually most useful for contractors if a real estate needs some renovation. Colored real estate floor plans are more sophisticated and advanced in detailing – they demonstrate zones in different colors, mark all systems with symbols, etc. For example, the bathrooms are blue, the gardens are green, the garages are gray, lighting systems are yellow and so on. They also allow showcasing the chosen colors of the walls, floor, and furniture which is very useful if a dwelling needs new interior design before it will be put up for sale.


2D Floor Plans for a Rebuilding Project

The most basic CAD real estate floor plan is wall layout which is the bare minimum of this drawing. Most 2D drafts also include windows and doors disposition as well as the dimensions of all elements. Even though furniture layout is not needed for the construction process, it is absolutely necessary for a renovation or a demonstration of interior design to possible buyers of real estate.

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#2. Isometric 3D Floor Plans

  • Before-3d space plan
    After-3d space plan
    Before 3d space plan After

Isometric 3D plans are a long-lasting hot trend in real estate business, especially in terms of marketing and sale propositions. They create a more realistic and dynamic view on the interior structure of real estate while remaining visually appealing. That’s why these 3D floor plans for marketing are so effective as promoting materials and presentation of real estate to prospects which is widely used by realtors.   

Such three-dimensional real estate floor plans give the best view on the space inside the rooms. They show the space arrangement, the disposition of all objects, if there is a cluster, etc. They also help to envision mounting and dismounting the inner structure in order to rearrange the layout. In addition, realistic 3D floor plans can be created with the colors and textures of the real estate design that will demonstrate its details as clearly as photos.

#3. Walkthrough 3D Floor Plans

One of the hottest trends among real estate floor plans is a walkthrough animation. It’s also called a live 3D floor plan which is similar to architectural 3D animation but is based on CAD drawings turned into 3D. The main difference of walkthrough 3D floor plan from photorealistic animation is prioritizing technical information over the visual aspect of the design.   

Walkthrough 3D floor plans are often used as a promotional video for real estate presentations or exhibitions. In this way, realtors can show all the details of a dwelling from the inside to the outside while keeping accuracy and realism at the same time. Moreover, the sense of presence is so engaging that viewers will feel as if they were really walking inside the real estate. This feature makes live 3D floor plans the perfect content for video blogs, online ads, TV commercials, and any outdoor screens.

Real estate floor plans are an effective way to demonstrate all the features and advantages of properties put up for sale as well as to enhance them and make more presentable. Different types of these plans can be used for various purposes, depending on the strategy of a realtor. For instance, CAD floor plans are ideal for delivering technical information in order to make renovations, repairs and other contracting work. 3D real estate floor plans highlight the details of layout and design which is equally effective for prospects and interior designers that will work on improving a dwelling. Finally, a walkthrough video will help to attract attention and impress potential buyers within different marketing campaigns.

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