BIM construction: Benefits for the industry


BIM construction: Benefits for the industry

Nowadays, building information modeling has gained momentum in the construction industry. It’s not surprising since it does build the bridge between the production and control over the physical and functional data of a project in the most effective way. However, by default the BIM technology has been considered as an advanced 3D modeling. The truth to be told, it is way more than that and may include further dimensions, such as 4D for time, 5D for cost, and even 6D for a-built operation. Thus, the BIM modeling services provide incredible opportunities to all the participants of the construction process. Which ones exactly? Let’s find out in this piece. 

#1. Outstanding Opportunities For Planning

BIM construction services: Scheduling

The BIM modeling services embrace all the phases of the project realization – from the initial conception to demolition. Herewith, planning is executed in the most powerful way. To understand this, first, it’s necessary to understand the organization of the objects in there and their interaction. 

So, BIM defines design as the sum of “objects” that feature their geometry, characteristics, and relations. The objects also represent characteristics and relations to other ones. That way, if there’s any modification in a current object, dependant or contiguous ones are automatically modified or adjusted as well. Every component of a building model carries attributes to automatically choose and order them where cost evaluation and material following be given. From this perspective, it is clear that the BIM modeling services and the produced objects provide solid benefits for the planning phase of a construction project.

#2. Visual Description And Messaging

BIM services: Presentation and communication

The BIM construction services have no equal in demonstrating virtually the whole lifecycle of a built object. The realistic 3D models allow all the involved to stay “tuned in” and convey critical updates in a timely and accurate way when needed. Thus, they feature the parameters and shapes necessary for successful construction tracking. 

Moreover, a well-built BIM model enables constructors to envisage several backup plans in order to envision the whole planned sequence of the entire construction. It can be distributed amongst the client and stakeholders and serve as a baseline for the following operations. Builders can keep tabs on the architects’ execution without errors and omissions, including complex internal systems like pipeline, gas, ventilation, and so on.

#3. Simulation And Progress

BIM process: imitation and development

The BIM services include the application of real-life conditions or events on the models. It is pivotal in terms of safety and sustainability. That way, the responsible ones can check without much of a hassle whether the sites they are placing together stick to the preliminary specifications and standards. 

To illustrate, through the BIM objects, the team can inspect the levels of energy-efficiency of the building. Afterward, they conclude if there are any zones that need improvement to prevent energy loss hereafter. So, the BIM modeling services allow simulating the use of various materials and identify the correct alternatives for the project. 

#4. Identification Of Discrepancies For Further Resolution

BIM construction services: Inconveniences and resolution

The identification of inconveniences and resolution is another aspect where the BIM modeling services stand out in the crowd. By being able to envision all the details in a realistic model, subcontractors can way easier troubleshoot any issue springing in the project. 

For example, areas, where plumbing fittings go against electrical ones, can be easily tracked and lead to functional design modifications before it’s late or pricey. What’s more, as the use of BIM modeling services is expanding in the construction field, the “caliber” of the data gathered is growing as well. Over the long haul, it is particularly beneficial for scheduling and accountability throughout a project. 

#5. Variety Of Dimensions

BIM creation: Multidimensional modeling

The BIM modeling services include “nD” modeling meaning that an almost unlimited number of dimensions can be applied to the building model. These are 4D standing for time, 5D – for cost, 6D – for performance, 7D – for sustainability and even 8D – for safety. Let’s describe 4D and 5D models closely!

This dimension relates building operations to timetables and 3D images that bring about a real-time graphical prototype of the building development. It allows the assessment of the buildability and the scheduling of the workflow. Thus, everyone can effectively envision, analyze, and convey issues in terms of sequences, space, and time. As a result, improved timetables, site layouts, and logistic events increase overall performance. The 5D model attributes the dimension of “Cost” to a BIM model. It also allows immediate shaping of budgets and financial projections of the model over time. This enhances the accuracy of evaluations, decreases dispute cases, and enable cost consultants to work more on ameliorating value. 

BIM modeling services revamped the established approach of project participation with discrete data pools and inconsistent software technologies. Having the capacity to reproduce data alternatives with real-time cost guidance and continue work throughout the meticulous design, building, and operational phases, BIM services certainly level up the construction industry significantly.

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Daryna Romaniv
Senior Client Manager

Daryna is a Senior client manager at ArchiCGI. She can guide you through our workflow and quickly resolve any issue along the way. In her spare time, Daryna enjoys cooking, reading fantasy books, and watching “Friends”. She also loves traveling, especially to sunny Italy.

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