3D Modeling for Chairs and a Glass Table Design

CAD modeling services are a surefire way to speed up furniture design development and make a successful product launch. CAD models help in both forming a concept and turning it into reality in a simple yet efficient way.

A millwork company gets more and more requests for a full package of services for product design development, including producing and marketing. Not having the CAD modeling specialists on staff, the company has to decline most amazing contracts and basically leave promising clients to competition. But they haven’t grown a budget to hire specialists of CAD drawing services for product designing. Which is why making visuals for furniture design presentations is uncharted territory for the engineers and craftsmen. Does it mean there is no way to keep up with the times and provide this new generation of clients with all-in-one services? By using CAD modeling, it is possible to transform design ideas into ready furniture models and create top-notch visual materials for product presentations at the same time. Learn how the clarity and flexibility of CAD modeling services make the furniture design process easier and faster.

#1. Develop a Design Concept

D Visualization for Kitchen Furniture Design Concept

In order to find the most promising design solution that will receive a positive response from the clients, Marketers have to research furniture segment of the market, study competitors, their products and the target audience. Based on the results, the concept must be chosen in accordance with all depicted criteria.

CAD modeling service is useful for this stage of the process due to a huge groundwork for an inspiration or as basic foundation of a future concept. A massive library of CAD models, project files of other furniture collections, countless product images for references – all of these make the creative process of designing more constructive and fast as there is no need to start everything from scratch. Most importantly, CAD modeling services are a perfect solution for Manufacturers who have worked with a CGI studio before and want to keep the style of their furniture or renovate the old concepts. They can simply use CAD models to modify design while trying some fresh ideas.

#2. Make a Detailed Scale CAD Model

3D Modeling for Furniture Design Presentation

The next stage is technical and vital for the engineering services of the furniture production e.g. manufacturing prototypes. CAD modeling services enable furniture designers to decide on product details and materials. The features of furniture can be easily changed until a viable version is determined.

Building a life-size prototype model is much easier with the help of three-dimensional demonstration of correct parameters. Even though drawings are suitable for the schematic depiction of measurements, they can’t display all design elements and ergonomic details of furniture. But CAD services provide detailed scale models that allow accurate dimensions and features to be formed for the following prototyping. The ready CAD scale model with approved design elements can be instantly transmitted to the next stage of the process.

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#3. Create Prototypes Easier Than Ever

3D Rendering for Furniture Design Testing

After concept solutions are visually recreated by CAD modeling services, Furniture Manufacturers and Marketers start the producing of prototypes. They are basically experimental furniture models that are necessary for finding overlooked flaws and fixing them before the final approval of a product look. Generally, this stage is a transition from theory to practice which enables a production team to try their concepts in real life.

CAD modeling services make this validation faster and smoother. A detailed scale CAD model can be used for immersive virtual prototyping or effective 3D rapid prototyping. The first service allows examining a product with the help of VR technologies without spending money on manufacturing. And in case of 3D printing service, furniture models can be produced fast and in large quantities which is cost and time-effective. Such services are especially valuable for a massive furniture production.

#4. Test a Product Before Its Launch

3D Modeling for Furniture Design Demonstration

Product testing let Manufacturers try different design options and estimate what works best and what should be upgraded. Testing is usually conducted in two ways: with a production team and with real users a.k.a. focus group. Both methods are required for a fully prepared launch as the first one is a professional logical review and the second one is about emotional perception of the product.

CAD modeling services are extremely valuable at this stage of the process as they allow to try various design options and add modifications very easily. 3D Artists quickly change colors of furniture prototypes, texture samples, shapes of elements etc. upon clients’ requests. Furthermore, there is no need to redo the whole process and rebuild a prototype after every modification – just change a previous 3D model and get a render or 3D printed prototype of the new version.           

#5. Present and Promote New Product Design

For a full-scale furniture manufacturing, the launching of newly designed products is not limited to the approving of the prototype as it continues through the marketing phase. Most of the clients require presentations as they want to see their new product design first-hand. Drafts can be useful as a technical foundation for a new design but what really will impress clients is jaw-dropping photorealistic pictures that showcase new furniture in the most appealing way.  

CAD modeling services are a valuable asset for creating eye-catching and varied promoting materials for the official product launch – lifestyle images, 360 view, 3D animations etc. Such visual content can be used for online and offline marketing services as it helps to arouse the interest of the audience before furniture even debuts on the market. Moreover, after the launch, this material can be used as product images for a portfolio, website pages, social media or even a blog.

CAD modeling services are an effective tool to accelerate and improve the quality of the design process. They help to not only save time but also take your business to a whole new level. While CAD drawing services provide the technical foundation for the manufacturing the product as a whole, CAD modeling improves developing and validating stages of product designing. Moreover, CAD services are perfect for getting top-notch visual materials that enhance presentations and post-production marketing for your clients.

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