Ceiling Plan for a Design Project

A design draft is an indispensable tool to accelerate the renovation process and plan it in advance. Moreover, it helps to set communication with the team of contractors and clients at the same time, which is crucial for a satisfying result.

To illustrate the significance of a design draft, let’s imagine such a situation. A Designer hires a team of contractors for a large-scale renovation project, but so far he only has design sketches that envision the finished result without any technical detail. He also has an old floor plan provided by clients but it is certainly not enough to set tasks for construction workers or explain his design ideas. Moreover, the Designer and his team have little time left for preparing before the start of the renovation. Unfortunately, they still need to figure out what materials they have to purchase and in what amount.

Accurate and detailed CAD design drawings are assets capable to solve most of the Designer’s problems during project preparation. Read how a design draft package can help to make the renovation process more smooth and fast.

#1. Allows To Distribute Work Effectively

Electric Outlet Layout for a Design Project

A standard design draft package includes drawings of several types for different construction works. For example, an electric plan depicts a power scheme and all electrical appliances, while a plumbing plan displays a water supply system. Overall, interior drafting services provide all technical information about a property, starting from basic wall elevations and finishing with detailed crown molding plans. Using these drafts, a Designer can distribute the work among specialists in the most effective way. They help to decide which contractors to hire, what tasks to set and how to coordinate their working schedule to finish the renovation on time. 

#2. Helps to Plan the Process Step by Step

Flooring Plan for a Design Project

With a full set of design drafts, Interior Designers have all necessary information about the construction project, which allows them to thoroughly plan the entire process. For instance, such design drawings like ceiling or flooring plans make it possible to calculate the required amount of materials in advance. The house supply system schemes help to select the right specialists for a team and define their technical tasks. Furniture layout is useful not only for purchasing items for interior design but also a great help for movers that will arrange every object at the end of the renovation process. Thus, much of what Designers often do during the course of the project can be completed at the preparatory stage.

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#3. Reduces the Chances to Commit a Mistake

As was stated above, the accuracy of CAD design drafts allows Interior Designers to calculate and plan all the construction stages in advance. This possibility reduces the chances of a mistake during the implementation process and therefore saves time. Having detailed plans of supply systems lets Designers arrange consultations with construction specialists beforehand, which prevents any unpleasant surprises later in the progress. Residential drafting services also give an advantage in regulating resource reserves for the renovation. Particularly, accurately calculated amount of materials helps to avoid shortages and surpluses. 

#4. Improves Results of Collaboration with Contractors

A Design Draft for the Renovation Process

The mutual understanding between an Interior Designer and contractors largely affects how quickly and effectively a project will be completed. Construction workers need accurate information instead of abstract creative ideas. That’s why a design draft package is the best way for Designers to explain what they have in mind and for builders to understand how to put everything into practice. To put it simply, CAD drafts are the most suitable for the approach “less talk more work”. Moreover, giving tasks to contractors in the form of technical instructions leads to lesser chances of mistakes, which means no delays and no additional spendings.      

#5. Makes Communication with Clients Easier

Detail Plan for a Design Project

Choosing photorealistic 3D visualization to show the result at a presentation is crucial but not always enough, especially if clients want to know how exactly the renovation will go. Even after the approval of a project, some customers actively monitor the process of construction work to make sure everything goes according to plan. In such cases, every design draft with its accurate information and details will be the best basis for communication with a client. Drafts can help Designers answer any question or explain how they are going to implement certain ideas. In addition, CAD design drafts are the main evidence that an Interior Designer and his or her team are professional, well-prepared, and know what they are doing.

Each design draft from the standard package of interior drawings helps to thoroughly plan the renovation process, explain all ideas to contractors, and find a common language with clients. Design drafting is necessary not only for Interior Designers who develop a project but also for contractors who execute it in order to avoid mistakes during the work process. In the end, even if a renovation is not considered such a large-scale process as building from scratch, preparation for it should be no less careful and meticulous.

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