An Outsource Drafter Working with Architectural Drawings


An Outsource Drafter Working with Drawings

Architects and interior designers always need a lot of drawings for a new project, such as floor plans, sections, wall elevations, ventilation, electrical and plumbing layouts, etc. For smaller studios, in particular, it’s difficult to cope with tons of different tasks on time, specifically in terms of large-scale projects. However, hiring more in-house specialists is not an option, especially in such an unstable economic situation that we face today. Therefore, considering working with outsource CAD drafters may be the best solution — they work fast and charge only for the number of drawings done.

On the other hand, it seems more securely for architects and designers to get all drawings performed by their in-house team. Sure, it’s not clear who these outsourcers are, how quickly they work, and if they are skilled enough. To understand whether your draftsmen can handle the job themselves or it’s time to contact an outsource studio, we made a list of 5 crucial situations in which only outsource CAD drafters can help you.

#1. Quarantine

A Woman Holding a Sign that Is Forbidding Any Work Accept Outsourcing

Lock-down and global quarantine is probably the most relevant situation now. And since that never happened to us before, everyone is puzzled and tripping out while desperately trying to save their business. In these challenging times, when offices are closed, hopefully, some kind of work could still go on and make money for the company. However, not all in-house CAD drafters can work remotely and stay effective at the same time.

Also, not everyone has the same equipment at home that they used in the office. In such cases, hiring some additional outsource CAD drafters can become the only opportunity to finish the project and save money at the same time. 

Far-sighted outsource CAD studios have plenty of experience of working on remote. The drafters from such companies use a convenient CRM system that allows them to stay in touch with the client and the team, exchanging files and getting customer’s adjustments at a moment’s notice. No less important, most outsource CAD experts have their own working stations at home. This option allows them to work flexibly and perform drafting in the given time with the best quality.

#2. A Tight Deadline

A Clock Counting Time Left for Finishing Outsource CAD Drafting

When the deadline for a project comes up hand over hand and the in-house drafters simply can’t make it on time, many managers begin to panic and ask their employees for overtime work. Of course, such pressure doesn’t benefit both the state of employees and the project itself. While working under anxiety and rush, there’s a big chance to make a serious mistake or miss a small but important detail of the project. 

In such moments, outsource drafting firms can rescue the whole endeavor. By contacting the well-reputed CAD company, an architect or interior designer can explain a studio manager the situation in detail. After analyzing the data and the work scope, the manager could allocate the maximum number of specialists from their team and rationally distribute the tasks. As a result, in-house and outsource CAD drafters will double their efforts and easily complete the project on the dot.

#3. Too Many Project At the Same Time

A Woman Coping with Too Much CAD Drafting Projects

Often, one company is developing several projects at the same time and all of them are equally important for the studio. On the one hand, taking one more task on top will increase the company’s income. But, of course, it can also become too much of a burden for in-house specialists. In this case, an architect or interior designer must either turn their back on a new assignment and lose money or add more CAD drafters to the team.

For many companies, especially for smaller ones, to keep additional in-house employees means going beyond their financial capabilities. Therefore, the best option in such situations is hiring outsource CAD drafters who charge per drafting sheet and don’t require regular salaries. 

Usually, a well-reputed drafting studio has a large staff, hence, a close-knit team of specialists who can work together quickly and efficiently. On top of that, an outsource drafting studio has the newest software and the most advanced hardware. Therefore, having those resources at hand speeds up the workflow even more.

#4. Lack of In-House Experts on Niche Specialization 

CAD Drawing for Electrical Outlet Layout

Sometimes a project requires such type of services that no in-house specialist can perform. Let’s say, it could be complex utility lines and network drawings that are of great importance, thus, they should be executed on the highest level possible. In such cases, an architect has to start searching for an expert on the market. However, they could spend too much time and energy examining a dozen portfolios to pick the best specialist. But even after the expert was found, how reasonable is it to hire them for permanent employment? And what an architect or interior designer should do once the work is done — to fire or keep them in the office?

In such circumstances, it’s better to find a multi-discipline outsource drafting studio that has different specialists. After a short talk with an architect, the studio manager will be able to choose the right draftsmen with extensive experience and knowledge. As a result, these outsource CAD drafters will perform the task that none of the in-house employees can do quickly and efficiently — thus, save the architect’s time and money.

#5. Budget Cuts

Counting Expenses on CAD Drafting

With any type of architectural or interior project, the financing goes smoothly at first. But as time goes by, due to many reasons customers begin to cut the budget. Sure, it’s a classic twist and experienced architects can feel it with their gut even before it happens. 

However, as the budget decreases, the amount of work is not getting any smaller. Therefore, it’s simply unprofitable for architects to hire additional in-house specialists to finish the project. Thus, it turns out that the wisest and most cost-saving option is to hire outsource CAD drafters who take piecework payment and don’t require a monthly salary. 

That’s why, often, architects choose to collaborate with foreign draftsmen, who take less money than local specialists but still provide impeccable work at the same time.

Collaborating with outsource CAD drafters is a win-win option in any situation — they can either completely replace niche in-house specialists, or be an excellent safety net for cases of a tight deadline and heavy workloads. And, of course, considering that all the businesses today are going through rough times, we should be prepared to outsource most of the services. Oursource works especially good for CAD services, so you can easily get both the accurate drafts and save your company’s budget.

Ready to use some help with the project? Try our outsource drafting services to get quality drawings made by experienced CAD drafters!

Daryna Romaniv
Senior Client Manager

Daryna is a Senior client manager at ArchiCGI. She can guide you through our workflow and quickly resolve any issue along the way. In her spare time, Daryna enjoys cooking, reading fantasy books, and watching “Friends”. She also loves traveling, especially to sunny Italy.

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