Outsource CAD to Speed Up Project Development

It’s not unusual for architects to encounter numerous setbacks throughout the project development process. One of those is the need to quickly produce architectural drafts and correct them when a client requests changes in design. Or if some unexpected technical issues prevent the implementation of the original concept. Moreover, multiple design iterations are often needed as well. Fortunately, there is a rather simple way to deal with all that — by using outsource drafting services.

While an architectural firm might not have enough resources to create high-quality drafts in-house, a specialized outsource drafting company does. Therefore, working with one can eliminate the problems of insufficient human resources, expertise, and technical capacities. This way, architects can fully focus on developing breathtaking concepts, while CAD specialists work on the drafts remotely. Now, let’s take a closer look and learn 7 ways outsource drafting helps to speed up the process of project development.

#1. Outsource Drafting Requires Minimal Involvement on a Client’s Side

Minimal Client Involvement in Drafting Process

First things first, using outsource drafting services allows to minimize the involvement of an architect’s team in this process. After setting the task and submitting the necessary references, they only need to check the results once those are ready. So, as drafts are being taken care of, architecture professionals can concentrate on perfecting the design, selecting materials, working on interiors, etc. As a result, a great number of tasks can be done simultaneously, which helps to speed up project development.

#2. CAD Companies Provide a Great Variety of Drafting Services

  • Before-3d space plan
    After-3d space plan
    Before 3d space plan After

Next, outsource CAD companies usually provide a great variety of services. That includes the creation of construction and interior drafts, digitizing of scans and sketches, etc. The most common types of architectural drafts are dimension plans, dismantling/mounting layouts, furniture layouts, utility systems plans, and wall elevations. Plus, digital drafting allows to produce 3D floor plans as well. With all that, using outsource CAD services means the drafts are always made by highly skilled, experienced professionals.

#3. Outsource Drafting Studios Deliver Results Within Short Time

Outsource Drafting Services Fast Results

Another benefit of outsourcing the drafting process is a short turnaround time. Specialized studios achieve high speed of delivering results by employing many well-trained drafters, using professional software and hardware, and being available to their clients 24/7. Furthermore, it’s usually possible to rush an order for some extra cost. Which, undoubtedly, comes in handy when an architect needs drafts ASAP. For instance, if there is an unexpected need to change the design due to technical issues or at a client’s request.

#4. Remote CAD Services Allow for Impeccable Accuracy

Remote CAD Services Quality

One of the main advantages of CAD is that it leaves no place for human errors. Because professional drafting software has an impressive array of features for calculation, tracing the designs, layering, copying, altering them, etc. So, using outsource drafting services, an architect can get impeccably precise drafts based on submitted references. The latter can include hand-drawn drafts and sketches, photos, site maps, existing plans and blueprints. Laser scans and drone photography make some of the most reliable references as well.

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#5. Drafting Companies Make Corrections Quickly and Efficiently

Efficient Correcting Process in Remote Drafting

Making small corrections in drafts is an integral part of the project development process. And outsource drafting companies definitely consider that. Normally, they have an efficient way of communicating with their clients. For instance, within their own CRM system. This allows them to receive all the comments from their clients in an organized way. Then, drafters start working on corrections right away. At this point, advanced digital tools and automatization of simple tasks offered by CAD software allow them to complete the assignment in no time.

#6. CAD Studios Produce Drafts in Convenient Digital Formats

Convenient Digital Formats of Drafts

Another benefit of using outsource drafting services is getting the results in convenient digital formats. For instance, PDF, which is lightweight and can be easily viewed on any device. One can effortlessly share such files among all the project stakeholders — from investors to construction workers. If need be, it’s also possible to print out the drafts in any desirable size. At the same time, keeping raw files as well allows to get back to the designs at any moment to change them or copy certain elements from them.

#7. Outsource Drafting Services Include 3D CAD Design

3D Drafting Services for Architects

Finally, outsource drafting services include 3D drafting, which can be useful for making project presentations. Three-dimensional floor plans, as well as full 3D models of buildings with their surroundings, are easily created based on 2D drafts. Having such visuals, an architect can be sure that a client will fully understand and appreciate the concept. As a result, one can even expect to get project approval faster than in the case of explaining it with technical drawings and sketches alone.

So, those were the 7 ways outsource drafting services help architecture professionals to speed up the process of project development. One can say for sure that, in this case, outsourcing gets a lot of weight off an architect’s shoulders. It allows to get a variety of high-quality drafts without having a whole in-house drafting department. Furthermore, outsource CAD offers a short turnaround time, fast correcting, and convenient output formats. This way, architects can fully focus on developing amazing designs.

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Architectural drafting is the process of creating construction documentation either digitally or by hand. In the first case, it’s done using specialized CAD software.

To outsource drafting services for an architectural project, one needs to find a suitable company online, select the necessary services, and place an order. One must also submit a detailed assignment brief and relevant reference materials.

Yes, outsourcing CAD services helps to speed up the project development process. Mainly because outsource drafting companies have many highly-skilled specialists, use professional CAD software, and invest in powerful hardware. Plus, some are available 24/7.

The most basic kinds of references include hand-drawn drafts and sketches, site maps, photos, existing plans and blueprints. Then, reference materials gathered by reality capture methods, such as laser scanning and drone photography, are very useful as well.

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