Benefits of CAD: Arguments to utilize it


Benefits of CAD: Arguments to utilize it

Computer-Aided Design has added to the evolution of many different industries, beginning with electrical engineering to a civil one. The number of drafting firms working with it are limitless.  The advantages of CAD are multiple. For example, in the civil industry, CAD has provided cooperative alternatives to physical construction drafting. In due time, technical drawings were an onerous process for the construction. 

Today, thanks to the development of Computer-Aided Design technology, these technical drawings can be prepared with meticulous accuracy in a relatively short period of time. Of course, there are many other significant advantages the technology brought to the world of AEC. And here are 7 the most prominent ones. Let’s dive in.

#1. Impeccable Design Quality

Facts in favor of CAD: Better designing

Amongst many advantages of CAD, the designing process benefits the most from it. When doing it manually, it might take tons of hours to finish the design. Herewith, there’s always a risk of human errors. As a result, many problems down the line occurs, and it has to be remodeled again. 

CAD programs allow designing with impeccable accuracy and precision. In fact, everything here is about accuracy and factuality. So are CAD drawings, plans for construction works, inner works of all building’ systems, and so on. 

#2. Attractive, Sellable Product

 Pluses of CAD: sellable products

CAD drafting does not just streamline design creation. It makes it way more attractive and sellable to investors. When architects and designers showcase a 3D design to potential investors, they have more chances to communicate effectively their vision and sell the idea beforehand. 

One of the advantages of CAD is its compatibility with Building Information Modeling technology. The technology allows demonstrating the results of CAD drafting services in 3D images and also adding materials, textures, lighting, etc. to realistic elements. The most advanced CAD programs offer 3D live tours inside BIM objects, which is both insightful and immersing to clients. 

#3. Effective Collaboration

 Benefits of CAD: Efficient partnership

The following is one of the most undeniable advantages of CAD – it facilitates collaboration on projects. It exploits a sun-division to get the product from idea to completion, and CAD delivers a shared platform. If users need to share the project on another one, they can do it via CAD data exchange software. The technology enables data transfer through the systems and converts files into readable formats. 

It’s particularly outsource CAD drafters that have proven the “collaborative advantage” of computer-aided design. It’s well known from the experience that communication disappears linearly as far as the project gets complicated. And these are exactly platforms that combat this tendency by bringing rich functionality to the table. 

#4. Integration With VR, AR And MR Platforms

Prerogatives of CAD: Advanced technologies use

More and more CAD programs are blending with cool technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, and even Mixed Reality. The incorporation of VR makes users envision 3D objects as if they are staying inside them. This gives the understanding of depth and scale, which is impossible with a 2D screen. 

As for AR, it allows adding digital components to the real world and project them onto a particular line of sight. MR is something hybrid and about the interaction with the objects. For example, one can touch a real table and use it as a board to modify a digital model. For sure, it’s one of the biggest, innovative advantages of CAD.

#5. Powerful Software Pool

Pluses of CAD: pool of programs

Nothing can beat the fact that computer-aided technology is applied through tons of helpful programs. They are updated or launched every single day and provide enormous advantages and opportunities to the representatives of the AEC industry. The most popular one is AutoCAD. 

The program is used for architectural planning, engineering drafting, graphic and industrial design, 3D printing, and even the fashion industry. It has around 8 separate versions, each being helpful for different domains. So, these are AutoCAD architecture, Civil 3D, LT, Electrical, Map 3D, Plant 3D, and so on. To sum up, whatever the project is, there’s always software that can streamline its development, which is surely one of the solid advantages of CAD. The time of manual work has gone for good.

#6. Acceptable Learning Curve

Assets of CAD: Process of studying

To be fair, it is reasonably straightforward to understand a rudimentary performance in most CAD software with a few days of study. As for the learning curve, one of the advantages of CAD programs is their intuitive and nice interface thanks to the years of development and modernization. Yet, a good grasp of geometry is mandatory. 

One of the certified AutoDesk professionals state that it takes about 10-15 hours to become a beginner; 50 hours and more – an intermediate user, and 300 hours and more – for an advanced one. So, beginners will learn to get familiar with basic available features and create easy layouts. Intermediates will be able to design easy and medium-difficulty 3D models. Finally, advanced users will do anything, the sky is only the limit. Herewith, every program comes with tutorials and assistance that help master it as quickly as possible. 

#7. Easier Documentation Process

 Privileges of CAD: Improved accountability

A way easier documentation joins the list of the advantages of CAD. By nature, computer-aided design technology suggests editable digital files with opportunities for efficient documenting. It is not just about designing and drafting. 

CAD provides images and drawings that can be supported and used throughout several teams like engineering and marketing. Both 2D and 3D models can be rendered to show ideas in surroundings settings, delivering amazing graphics for investors’ approval. If an inconvenience occurs, the file can be modified quickly and revisions initiated quickly and effectively. 

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Obviously, there are way more advantages of CAD than those we’ve mentioned. But most professionals state that improved designing process, shared platforms provided, powerful presentations, VR and AR integration, and easier documentation are the most crucial ones. The technology revolutionized the world of engineering, construction, and architecture and continue to do so. And those who use the benefits the technology eventually become leaders in the game. 

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