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CAD contracting studios are all over the Internet these days. There’s a large number of architectural drafting companies out there who claim they are the best in this business. However, since there can’t be so many real champions, a client has to make a serious effort to choose a truly reliable contractor. 

For every Architect and Designer, the best provider is one that works fast, makes correct drawings, has enough experience and knowledge to deal with difficult tasks, manages large projects, effectively communicates with a customer and, yes, doesn’t panic. In short, the client wants a super contractor whom they can trust a valuable project and not worry about it. But how to identify this perfect CAD contracting company in the first place? We made a list of 5 main rules that will come in handy for clients to find their winner. Take a look.

#1. Check Out Companies’ Portfolios

CAD Architectural Blueprint

The first step we all do when searching for any information, product or services is asking Google. Architects and Designers have to look through all the portfolios that match their project, ruthlessly weeding out CAD contracting studios that don’t have much experience, have low-quality drafting or work on different types of drawings. The best idea, though, is to contact a provider directly and ask about their experience. Talking to Client Managers, a customer can ask the right questions to get the whole picture and realize if they could manage the task or not. Moreover, a provider and a client can evaluate the scope of work and find the best solution beneficial to both parties.

#2. Compare The Cost of Their Drafting Services

Calculating the Cost of CAD Contracting

Surely, the price of CAD contracting matters — it varies in every drafting company because of different factors, such as complexity level, deadlines, etc. Thus, Architects and Designers should carefully study their pricing policy — not only rely on the prices on the website but also call the studio’s managers. Personal communication makes perfect sense since a client can describe the task and ask to calculate the approximate price. If the company has an opaque pricing policy, and it’s not clear what factors determine the cost in the first place — perhaps one doesn’t need to work with them. Instead, it’s better to choose their competitor with a transparent approach.

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#3. Ask How Many Experts Can Work on the Project Simultaneously

CAD Contracting Team Working Simultaneously

Projects that are large and complex require a huge amount of drafting work, so it’s more convenient to give it all to one CAD contracting firm. This way, clients have to control only one provider instead of pinball between several companies and keep in mind every working detail, such as arrangements, names, email and so on. 

The CAD firm that can manage all difficult tasks has lots of specialists who are ready to distribute СAD design drawings among themselves and work simultaneously. A professional CAD contracting company with a large number of employees usually includes Project Managers, who are in charge of controlling specialists and keep deadlines. Therefore, working with one big well-organized team is faster and less stressful for clients, than controlling a bunch of people with different schedules and approaches.

#4. Make Sure They Have Technical Support or a CRM-System

A Client Contacting Contracting Studio Tech Support

Ups and downs happen all the time during the project, as well as some questions and changes always pop up unexpectedly. Thus, an Architect or a Designer has to be sure that their CAD contractor has quality tech support that replies promptly and is helpful. Moreover, good drafting companies offer their clients an even more personal and convenient way of communicating than basic tech support chats on a website.  

We are talking about an efficient CRM-system where CAD contracting experts and a customer can text each other, exchange files, and add new specialists to a certain conversation. For example, our studio uses our own system called Archivizer, and after a client gets access to the account, they can see all materials related to the project, contact with the team, make edits and upload new project materials, such as sketches, photos, drawings by hand, etc. This system is easy to use by installing the application on the smartphone so our customers can always stay in touch with the contracting team, which is especially important in cases of emergency or sudden corrections. In short, if a CAD contracting company provides effective channels and tools for communication, it means they care about simplifying the client-studio connecting process and put their customers’ comfort first. No doubt, this could be an obvious advantage of the provider over other candidates.

#5. Find Out the Security Policies of Different CAD Contractors

A Client a CAD Company Sign NDA

It is necessary to make inquiries about all the papers to be signed and find out everything about the security policy of the firm before starting the project. A well-reputed contracting company negotiates with the client and signs a non-disclosure agreement, a.k.a NDA, that protects non-public business information, regulates the publication of materials and all other details — up to the most subtle nuances. Moreover, in a far-sighted studio, there’s even NDA within the company that obliges employees to keep the studio’s business secrets. This double-security policy guarantees that employees won’t distribute client materials and share project details.

When choosing a drafting provider for CAD contracting, it is necessary to make market research among different firms — what projects they completed, what complexity level they are able to do, what is their pricing policy, if they provide a reliable NDA, convenient tech support, etc. After comparing this data and speaking to the managers of every contracting studio, it is easier to make a choice. After all, there is always an option that combines high quality, reasonable prices, and effective communication tools.

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Daryna Romaniv
Senior Client Manager

Daryna is a Senior client manager at ArchiCGI. She can guide you through our workflow and quickly resolve any issue along the way. In her spare time, Daryna enjoys cooking, reading fantasy books, and watching “Friends”. She also loves traveling, especially to sunny Italy.

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